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In addition to the services that we offer on other pages of this web site, we also offer the following services, including remote computer support and a PC healthcheck. You can also view our case studies page for more information on the services we offer.

Hardware and Software Sales 

Commatic can assist with all of your hardware and software needs. Whether you are looking for operating system, graphics or office productivity software from the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, Macromedia and Centered Systems, or networking, data storage and printer hardware from companies including Sony, Netgear, Belkin, Apple, Minolta QMS and Iomega, Commatic can supply you with a quote.

Commatic recommends Dell Computers and Misco for your computers and computer supplies

For more Apple information, visit our Apple page

Remote Computer Support Service

Commatic now offers a service where we can connect to your computer from our office to help you with technical support issues, to perform a PC healthcheck, show you how carry out a particular task you are having problems with and many other computer related issues.

Our online computer support allows us to quickly and easily connect to your computer so that we can see on our screen exactly what you see on your screen.

Once we are connected we can control your computer exactly as is we were sat in front of it!

This computer support service means we can offer you out support services at short notice enabling you to get back up and running as quickly as possible.

This service is charged at our normal hourly rate.

We are currently in the process of setting up a dedicated website for our new somputer support online service

Link : Computer support online

Web Site Search Engine Ranking Service

Do you know where your web site ranks in the major search engines?
Do you check your rankings regularly to enable you to react to a drop in your ranking as soon as possible?

Checking your search engine ranking can be a time consuming activity, and one that can easily be put to one side when there are other, more pressing, tasks to complete.

The new Commatic Search Engine Ranking Service takes the monotony out of this task by performing it for you!

We will check your rankings with the major search engines using your supplied keywords and email you a report of your rankings weekly or monthly.

This service is offered for only £45 + VAT per annum per web site. Please contact us to sign up for the service.

Broadband Internet Connections

Commatic can provide you or your company with an ADSL Broadband connection.
Prices start at £23.99 + VAT per month for the broadband service.

There is a £50 + VAT setup fee for the broadband service.

For more information contact us.

Free domain name for charities

Commatic offer free domain name when you purchase a website hosting service for charities in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. If you are a registered charity, Commatic will supply website hosting for just £69 + VAT and this includes a free domain name of your choice.
This offer saves you £70 off our standard price for webhosting and domain names.

If you are a charity from any other area of the country, Commatic offer a £50 discount on our standard prices.

For more information contact us.

Spam Blocking Service

Spam emails (unsolicited emails) are on the increase. More and more of us are having to spend valuable time dealing with these emails, time that would be better spent doing other things. Although there are spam blocking products on the market, they require you to download the emails to your computer (risking potential virus infection) before the software goes about removing the spam. This means that your internet connection is tied up downloading the spam.

Our Spam Blocking service checks your email box for spam and deletes it before it ever reaches your computer. It aims to reduce the amount of spam by up to 95%. Apart for the obvious advantages of this, it also means that anyone using a GPRS or 3G service, where you pay based on the amount of data you download, will save money as your download quota will not be inflated by spam emails.

This service is aimed at existing customers who have your domain or web site hosted with Commatic, but can also be set up for new customers. The cost is just £45 per annum per email box (+ VAT)

For more details, please call 0845 260 8450 or send us an email.

Commatic also advises all clients to install a reputable virus checker package.

PC Health Check

Does your computer have all of the latest driver software, is your virus checking software up-to-date, are there any security patches available for your operating system, would you benefit from installing more memory, is your hard disk running as efficiently as it should?

These are all questions that can be answered by using our PC Health Check service.

We will also check your computer(s) for "spyware" and data collectors which may be slowing your internet connection and transmitting personal data.

Finally, we will also recommend a backup plan based around one of the industry leading backup packages for which we are an authorised reseller.

The cost of our PC Healthcheck service is £69.95. Please call for details or to arrange an appointment,

Support services

If you are a small business without your own IT department, we can offer you a "virtual" one!

From only £250 + VAT per month (minimum contract term 3 months) we will provide up to 10 hours of telephone support (and on-site support if necessary within a 10 mile radius of our offices in Oxfordshire). Site visits outside the 10 mile radius will be subject to a charge for traveling time.

This represents our starter package, and more inclusive hours can be added at an extra cost. Hours outside of your inclusive package or outside office hours of 9am to 5pm would be charged at £45 per hour, minimum charge 1 hour.

Please call for more details. Have your own IT department without the need for your own you own IT department!

General IT Consultancy

If you have a requirement for short or long term IT consultancy, please call us for a quote.

Web Site Tracking Service (WSTS) 

The Commatic Web Site Tracking Service (WSTS), will detect changes made to a page or pages of your choice and email you when changes are detected.

There are millions of web pages available to anyone with an internet connection. However who has the time to check them for changes?

a) You may be a company who would like to track changes to your competitor's web sites.
b) You may be an individual who wants to be informed of updates to the web site of your favourite football team.
c) You may want to be made aware when a web site that contains local or national news is changed.

The WSTS may be for you.

For a fee of just £25 + VAT per page per year we will automatically check your chosen pages every day for changes. If changes are detected, you will be sent an email detailing the changes. If you would like to track multiple pages, discounts are available.

For an example of the type of email report you will receive, click here. From this link you will see that you will be emailed a copy of the page you are tracking and changes to the text will be highlighted with a yellow background. In this example you will see that the text below the heading "Cirencester Web Design" and the text below the heading "Cirencester Messageboard" has changed.

To order this service, or to find out more, please email

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