Remote Computer Support Service

Our remote support service allows us to take control of your computer (whether it's a Windows or Apple based system) to help you with computer problems, install software, show you how to do something on your computer, or just about any other computer related issue you need help with.

In its simplest form, this service downloads a small application onto your computer which will generate a unique user ID and password. Give these details to us and we will be able to control your computer from our office and operate it as if we were sitting in front of it.

For regular support we can install an application which runs in the background on your computer so that we can connect to your computer at any time without the need for you to run the support application each time. This is sometimes known as unattended support or unattended access.

So whether you need one-off help, or we look after your computers on an on-going basis, our Remote Support Service helps us to provide quick and convenient I.T. support when you need it.

Contact Us for more details of our remote computer support packages which start from just £35 + VAT per month.

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