Search Engine Optimisation

If you have an existing web site that isn't ranking highly in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and doesn't have a good search engine placement for relevant search phrases, it may benefit from search engine optimisation (also known as SEO or S.E.O.).

Commatic offers various levels of SEO depending on your requirements and the current state of your search engine rankings, but in general we can advise you on search engine positioning and placement and the ways in which you can improve your search engine ranking. We can then carry out the search engine optimisation work as a one-off process or an ongoing service to ensure your website SEO remains current. After all, a high search engine ranking should bring more visitors to your web site. So why not ask about our search engine optimisation service, think of us as your one-stop SEO agency!

If you use Commatic to design and build your web site, our standard search engine optimisation techniques will automatically be applied to your web site during the website build, but there are other more advanced SEO services available as well as "off site" search engine optimisation techniques which can be employed too. These additonal services are available if we built the original website for you, if you built it yourself, or if it was built by a third party company.

We offer two types of SEO package, a one-off package of search engine optimisaton and an ongoing monthly package. The one-off search engine optimisation is great if you want to fix all of the issues adversly affecting your website's search engine rankings, while the ongoing option fixes these issues and backs this up with an ongoing programme of monitoring, optimisation and improvement.

Our one-off SEO can be purchased online using the buttons below, the ongoing option is only available once we have carried out an initial assessment of your website so that we can accurately assess the ongoing requirements. Our Bronze one-off SEO service costs from £299 + VAT, the Silver package costs from £499 + VAT and our top Gold Search Engine Optimisation service costs from £749 + VAT. If your website has more than 10 pages or you are interested in a monthly package then please contact us for a tailored quote.

Search Engine Optimisation

Are you confused by Search Engine Optimisation? Don't know what your site needs? Which one of these best describes your current website/SEO situation?

We don't have a website yet. We're getting a new site but don't know what to do about SEO

Firstly, the websites Commatic build are search engine friendly, so please talk to us about our website design services. If you are building your own website then here's how to help with search engine rankings.

Search Engine Submission Service

It's no good having a web site if no-one knows it exists. One of the best ways to increase the number of visitors to your web site it to have it ranking as high as possible in the search engines and directories.

Commatic have been successfully helping to promote websites since the company was set up in 1998.

For a one-off fee of £99 + VAT we will gather key information from your web site when it has been built and, using our proven techniques, make search engines and directories aware of the website. Don't confuse this with search engine submission services offered by other companies which can actually hinder your search engine ranking rather than help it! We call this our Basic Package.

This Basic package is usually combined with the Bronze or Silver SEO package listed above. The Gold package includes this Basic package at no extra charge.

We've just had a website built by another company, but it's not appearing in the Search Engines

Commatic hear this all the time! In fact a lot of our SEO work starts when we are contacted by new website owners who are disappointed by the ranking of a site they had build elsewhere.

Web Site Audit

If you built your existing web site yourself, it was built by someone else, or it was built some time ago, it may benefit from our Web Site Audit service.

For a fixed fee (based on the number of pages in your web site) we will look at your existing web site and compile a report containing information on areas of your site that should be updated to make it "search engine friendly". At the same time, we will quote an all inclusive price for the work that we feel will benefit your existing web site.

Prices start at £149 + VAT.

Think of it as an M.O.T. for your web site !

Search Engine Ranking Service

Receive a report of your ranking within the major search engines using keywords and phrases relevant to your web site. Use in conjunction with the Search Engine Submission Service to help gain the best search engine position possible. This service attracts a one-off fee of £99 + VAT.

Our website appears in the search engines, but below our competitors - we want to get higher rankings

If you are at this stage then you may have had a website for some time but it just isn't ranking highly for your chosen keywords and phrases. This is where Commatic can help!

Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation

This represents our best search engine optimisation service.

We have three packages to choose from (Bronze, Silver and Gold). The higher the package you choose the more checks and remedial work we carry out and the more time we spend fixing the things that are currently stopping your website getting top search engine placements.

Bronze Package - Prices start at £299 + VAT

Silver Package - Prices start at £499 + VAT

Gold Package - Prices start at £749 + VAT

Don't know where to begin?

Give us a call, we offer a free initial phone assessment of your website and will make suggestions based on your current website and its current search engine rankings.

Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation

SEO shouldn't be thought of as a one time exercise. Getting a good search engine ranking is one thing, but maintaining it is an ongoing task. After all, search engines change their internal algorithms all the time, your competition is continually trying to get their website above yours.

Our monthly search engine programme works to ensure that your website gets the best chance of high rankings, this month and every month.

Monthly SEO prices start from £149 + VAT per month.

Ongoing Search Engine Monitoring

To ensure that your site retains its ranking, it is important that this search engine optimisation (SEO) work is monitored on a regular basis

Your budget might not stretch to ongoing SEO, but you still need to keep an eye on the placement of your website in the search engines. For just £99 + VAT per annum, we will monitor your search engine rankings and resport any significant changes to your search engine placement. At the end of the 12 month period, you can choose to renew your subscription, or end it without further obligation.

Phone 01285 850044 for more details, or to place an order over the telephone with your credit/debit card details.

Why Choose Commatic for your Search Engine Optimisation Needs?

Commatic have been building search engine optimised websites for 20 years. We have also helped countless website owners improve the ranking of websites they build themselves or had built by a third party.

We know what seach engines like, we know what they don't like and we know what to do to to achieve the top search engine rankings that you need your website to have.

Give us a call and put your website on the path to achieving the highest search engine rankings its ever had!