Website Portfolio

On this page you will find a small selection of websites we have designed and built, or maintain. They include mobile friendly websites which look great on all screen sizes from smartphones to large screen desktop computers.

We build bespoke websites to your exact requirements and work with you to design a site that is mobile friendly which is extremely important given that statistics show more than half of website traffic is generated by mobile devices.

The Old Brewhouse

The Old Brewhouse website

We have worked with The Old Brewhouse for well about 15 years.

The owners of The Old Brewhouse, Rose and George, originally called Commatic because they wanted a new web site for their bed and breakfast business in Cirencester.

When we built the website they were one of the first B&Bs in Cirencester with their own site.

Years later, Commatic and The Old Brewhouse still work together and Commatic have redesigned their website twice, most recently at the end of 2015 when we built a completely new, mobile friendly website to ensure the huge number of visitors visiting the website using a smartphone or tablet are given the best possible user experience.

Commatic have also provided IT training and support to the owners who were keen to increase their day to day knowledge of computers.

The Old Brewhouse are regularly congratulated on their web site, and George himself has said that some of the photos taken by Commatic are worthy of Homes & Gardens magazine.

Some website owners have a website built for them and then forget about it for years as their competition continues to develop their online presence to gain a business advantage. The Old Brewhouse, however, invest in regular updates keeping their website looking fresh and up-to-date.

The Crown of Crucis Hotel & Restaurant

We started working with the owners of The Crown of Crucis Hotel in 2011 when we were brought in to advise on some website and technical matters relating to their existing website. Although their existing website had been sold to them by a local company, we were told that the site itself had been outsourced as the local company didn't have their own in-house technical team.

The website had been built using Joomla, a content management system (CMS) tool, which gave them the ability to change the content of the site. However, as is the case with many third party CMS tools the resulting website wasn't very search engine friendly or particularly user friendly.

We took over the hosting, maintenance and support of this version of their website until, in 2015, we were asked to design and build a completely new, search engine optimised and responsive (smartphone and tablet friendly) website.

We incorporated our own in house CMS system which is simple to use yet powerful enough to give site owners access to change the content of their website.

So now The Crown have a brand new, mobile friendly and search engine optimised website built by a local company who are just down the road from them and ready to offer any help and support they need at a moments notice.

We look forward to continuing to work with The Crown for many years to come.

Link: The Crown of Crucis

The Crown of Crucis website
Cirencester Shopping
The Cirencester Shopping website

Launched in 2010, the Cirencester Shopping website exists to promote the wonderful mix of shops that Cirencester has to offer.

Feedback has been excellent and within days we had the likes of White Stuff, Jesse Smith (butchers) and Ride 24/7 (cycle shop) on board. Quickly followed by French Grey and many other independent shops.

Local shops can choose between a free basic page, or an upgraded "Premium" option which gets more exposure and an ehanced page.

There's a page for special offers, and pages for places to stay and places to eat should your shopping trip turn into a short break in wonderful Cirencester.

Finally, art lovers will love the section dedicated to arts and crafts in Cirencester including M.A.D.E. and New Brewery Arts.

Link: Cirencester Shopping

Corinium Hotel

The Corinium Hotel contacted Commatic over 15 years ago when they decided that they wanted a web site to promote the hotel on-line.

Commatic worked with the Corinium Hotel to build a web site that complemented the hotel's "offline" advertising. Back in 2001 the Internet was still in its infancy, but businesses were realising what a powerful tool it was going to be.

When the Corinium Hotel was later sold, Commatic worked with the new owners to facilitate a smooth handover of the web site and domain names to the new owner as his brother dabbled in web design.

But when the business was sold again, the new owners contacted us to take over the running of the site again and we then also took over the support and maintenance of their internal computer systems.

So now the Hotel has one point of contact for all their website and I.T. needs.

The Corinium Hotel website
Cirencester Website
The Cirencester Website

The Cirencester web site is one of our longest running web sites and has been around since 1998.

It provides useful information on Cirencester accommodation, attractions and history, and many of the accommodation establishments that advertise on the Cirencester web site report that they receive a significant amount of their enquiries as a result of featuring on the Cirencester web site.

The site includes a regularly updated news blog, an events calendar and a local business directory. As the top ranked Cirencester related website it is the obvious choice when deciding where to advertise local businesses. In fact, many of the businesses who advertise on the Cirencester website get more traffic to their own website from the advert they have with us than from any other website they advertise on!

We have seen many Cirencester websites come and go over the years, but has been around for nearly 20 years!

Olive in Cirencester

Olive in Cirencester was a deli on one of the oldest streets in the town, Gloucester Street.

Jenny Buxton contacted Commatic at the start of planning the opening of this independent delicatessen and we were delighted when she selected us to build the website for her exciting new venture.

While Jenny already owned the domain name, she looked to us to help transfer it to our servers as she wanted the domain, hosting and website to all be under one roof.

We worked with Jenny to select a colour scheme in keeping with her vision for the shop and came up with a simple, but elegant, design. We visited the shop the day after it opened to take the remaining photos needed for the website.

Ongoing, Jenny wanted us to maintain the website, but she did want a section that she could update with details of the latest fresh food menu. So we incorporated our in-house content management system (CMS) which she used to update this section whenever she wanted.

Jenny said "In setting up my new delicatessen I was comfortable in every design aspect apart from the website. Working with Commatic allowed me to give them a general overview of what I envisaged, followed by their creation of a website which completely reflects the ethos and style of the delicatessen. Commatic's empathetic, enthusiastic approach and regular consultations ensured that I could leave the website in their hands with confidence. I am thrilled with the result and would have no reservation in recommending Commatic."

Jenny has now moved onto new business ventures and we wish her every success in the future.

The Olive in Cirencester website